Spring is starting to pop it`s head in finally after the long, cold winter that we endured here in St. Louis in many years.  It`s time to get back out and make our neighbor`s jealous of your yard. Our long waited vacation from lawn care is over. It only takes a few things to get started this year.

First and foremost is to make sure your mower is ready for the mowing season. If it was properly winterized this shouldn`t be a problem.  A cloggy carburetor can make starting the mower a real headache.  A tune-up at the start of every year is a good thing to do. It is a matter of changing the spark plug, a fresh oil change, and don`t forget your mower likes to breath too and would love a clean air filter.  Sharpening the blade too at this time will give your yard the clean cut it loves.

Let`s get into getting the yard cleaned up next by removing what the winter left behind like the leaves and twigs in the lawn. Lawn bags can help with this project but keep in mind these things aren`t the sturdiest and will rip easily if loaded down.  Take a walk around the yard and look for any bare spots are area that need to be addressed. Some of us may have to wait on this task as warm season grasses like zoysia won`t be turning green until May as the temperature warms up.

A good pre-emergent can help to keep the pesky crab grass from taking over your yard this year. Try to have your application down before April 15th as this is when the temperatures stay around 55 Deg. and allows crab grass to germinate. A lot of fertilizers come with pre-emergent mixed in with them which feeds the lawn and prevents the germination of crab grass at the same time.   Try not to fertilize Zoysia and Bermuda grasses till May as it is still dormant at this time as mentioned earlier. Plus it may lead to early top growth on the lawn too plus only feeding the weeds at the same time.  If you need any help with your spring lawn care let us know and will gladly answer any questions.