With fall usually being the time that plants can recover from the summer heat with the cooler temperatures and increased rain fall, this isn`t the case this year as dry conditions have been around lately. Plants will require a deep watering to prepare them for winter dormancy.

A well deep watered plant will be ready for the first freeze better than nothing at all. It is always advisable to keep plants watered regularly during the growing season as well as the fall months. In dry conditions woody plants especially should be watered to wear the moisture will reach 8-10 inches below the soil line. Lawns should have a deep watering of 4-6 inches below the soil line. Plants will soak up the water to survive winter conditions. Once the ground freezes the moisture in the ground can turn to ice particles to wear the roots can`t absorb it. Cold air and winter winds can remove the moisture from plants as well. It is best not to prune any shrubs past August as cutting the plant in late fall or early winter can cause the loss of moisture in the plant and cause winter injury if the temperatures get that cold as the plant can`t heal itself properly from the pruning. Remember to keep the hoses out and water before old man winter arrives.