Every year new plants hit the market for the upcoming growing season. Greenhouses and nurseries always trying to come up with the next popular plant. This is a benefit to gardeners as new species or cultivars of a plant can make it more resistant to disease & pests  Plants can come to thrive and adapt to changes in the environment too these days as evolution has come a long way. Thanks to advances in technology gardening is becoming a popular thing for people of all walks of life.

            People may be pouring over pages of seed catalogs to see what they may plant this spring. Keep in mind that not everyone plant is suitable for the St. Louis climate. It may grow well in Alabama but can`t survive our cold temperatures around here. Reaching out to local garden centers & nurseries is always a great idea instead of the catalogs. They are familiar with what grows around here. Plus, I always recommend supporting a local business helping to keep the money in the area. If you have any seed left over from last year it may be a good idea to dispose of it than keep it. Seeds will die off after a certain lapse of time and not sprout anymore when planted. A great way to test the seeds is to put them in a wet paper towel and keep it moist. This will tell you if the seed will germinate if planted in the spring. I recommend this technique if you have more than one seed of the plant as I don`t want to see you test your only seed you have.

            The University of Missouri Pest Management has released their list of new bedding plants for 2017. Here is the link: https://ipm.missouri.edu/MEG/2017/2/new_bedding_plants_2017/

You can try purchasing some new plants at your favorite local nursery. 

However, if you plan on selecting plants for this season do it with an open mind and have fun with it.