The hustle and bustle of Xmas is over as it seems to come and go quicker every year.  With the holiday season coming to a close, it’s that time when we take down the tree and listen to the kids ask, “Why is the tree coming down?”  Decorations go back in the garage and basement, returned gifts go back to the store, and life goes on as usual. But what to do with the tree, you ask?

There are a handful ideas that people don`t think about when taking down the tree after the holidays.  You can still take undecorated trees to Forest Park in St. Louis and drop them off in the lower Muny parking lot until about Jan. 14th.  Most municipalities offer curbside pick-up certain days for Xmas trees.  Check with your local city hall or waste management company.  Trees can also be chipped up turning it into mulch for your gardens, shrubs, & trees.  Mulch helps keep out pesky weeds and retain moisture in the soil.  It is not suggested saving the trees for fire wood for your home. The oils in the wood can cause build up in the chimney.

Another green alternative is to give them back to Mother Nature. Place the tree in your backyard as a place for birds to hide from the cold weather and snow.  Place small bags of bird food on there as well to feed them.  Trees can also be dumped in lakes and ponds to give the fish a new home.  Always check with your local agencies to see what the dumping laws are for bodies of water.  Trees will still use the oxygen in the water, keep this in mind so as not to over burden the water habitat.



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