I have a lot of clients ask me, “What is natural green lawn care?” With all the environmental concerns of chemicals being used in yards and getting into water systems. A lot of people are switching over to organic (natural) lawn care without the use of any chemicals to produce a green yard. A lot of steps can be taken to accomplish this and become a person with “A Green Thumb.”
Years ago, lawn managers and operators had not extent for the use of any chemicals on managing turf grasses. With a lot of people having the increase for higher quality lawns is when the practice of using chemicals came into play. Natural lawn care depends on a healthy soil with good amounts of organic matter and a large population of active soil organisms. This can be achieved with organic fertilizers that help feed the existing organisms in your lawn. A good natural fertilizer to use that can be found at most home and garden stores is Milogranite. It as a natural fertilizer made from microbes in waste water. Anyone can use it as they say it’s, “Goof Proof.” It is good for lawns, plants and anything that grows. Good mowing practices are another key thing in natural lawn care. They say to never cut more than 1/3” on the leaf blade per mowing. Each type of grass has its own cutting heights and intervals. Another good thing to know is what the watering interval is for your yard. I have provided a chart for your reference.

Approximate lawn water requirements:

Lawn Type                  Green Turf*                       Dormant Turf**
                                                          inches of water per week       inches of water per week   

                           Perennial ryegrass                  1.5                                      1.0
                          Kentucky Bluegrass                 1.2                                      0.7
                                      Tall fescue                  0.8                                      0.5
                           Zoysia or bermuda                  0.5                                      0.2 

                                     Buffalograss                 0.5                                      0.2  

* Lawn remains green and growing.
**. Lawn may turn brown but will not die.
These are just a number of things that can help you to achieve that green, healthy lawn “Naturally”               



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