During the last heavy rain we had over the weekend, it made me realize how many people don`t clean there gutters. You could hear the neighbors gushing over with water. This gave me the idea to do a blog on it.  The gutter system is your homes outer shell to get the water away from the home. This also includes your roof and foundation included in the outer shell. Clogged up gutters can harm the home`s outer shell causing moisture to seep in to the home. This is never fun to deal with when you have a mildew smelling basement.

It only takes a monthly check to see how your gutters appear, I do understand some people don`t have ladders or cannot get up on the roof anymore. If the gutters are clogged during the check it`s time to clean them out. This only takes a couple of good steps to achieve this. A good ladder, a garden hose or gas powered blower, good pair of gloves, a small bucket or trash bag.  We never recommend or suggest working from on top of the roof but safely on the ladder. A lot of St. Louis homes have steep pitch roofs which can be a hazard. Once the ladder is placed properly against the home, climb up and hose out or blow out the gutters in small sections. Moving the ladder when necessary as to not over reach the ladder itself. If the gutter is majorly clogged, this is where the gloves and small bucket come in handy from dislodging the gunk with your hands and placing it in the bucket not creating a big mess below to clean up later.

I hope these few easy steps can help homeowners help keep the gutter system flowing freely directing the water away from the home. If any assistance is ever needed, we provide a gutter cleaning service that can help.



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