Well it`s been a pretty dry winter so far in St. Louis. I know we are only in the middle of winter right now but beat the cabin fever and get out and enjoy the mild weather while it`s here. A couple of winter forecasts didn`t call for a January Thaw but apparently they were wrong. Get out and enjoy doing a little work in the yard like raking up the leaves or start planning that future spring garden.

St. Louis also has a lot to offer when things warm up around here in the winter. Forest Park has the St. Louis History museum which has art that endures from different cultures and times.  A new favorite that came around last Cardinals season was Ball Park Village. Even when the Cardinals aren`t in season this new attraction is still in full swing. Which different restaurants and stores for all to enjoy. It also features a Cardinals museum that covers all the great pastimes of St. Louis baseball. I went down there with some friends recently and can say the food is great. Plus it gets you in the baseball spirit being that close to the stadium even in the middle of winter. Ted Drewes is still open during the winter for those who dare to enjoy an ice cream in the colder temperatures.

Whatever you plan beat the cabin fever and enjoy all of what St. Louis has to offer.



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