It`s time to go and take in the many beautiful fireworks displays that are found throughout the area. Pull out the barbeque and invite the family over for the holiday weekend.  I wanted to take a different turn for my blog this month and give a brief history of the 4th of July.

          I know a lot of us know the facts but it`s always important to remember our country`s history as we live in the Great United States of America. July 4th has been a federal holiday since 1941. The holiday actually dates back to the 18th century and the American Revolution that went from 1775-1783. On June 7th, 1776, Continental Congress met at the Virginia Delegate where Richard Henry Lee introduced the idea of independence from Great Britain. Congress postponed the vote on the idea and assigned a 5 man committee to draft up a formal statement. On July 2nd of that year, Continental Congress voted on Lee`s measure and with a unanimous vote favored independence from Great Britain. This was going to be the original date of Independence Day but Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

          A few fun facts of 4th of July are, the Liberty Bell was not officially rung until July 8th, 1776, for the official reading of the Declaration of Independence. New York City has one of the biggest fireworks display with more than 75,000 lbs. of pyrotechnics.  



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